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BLOG: Laugh and learn with music - a flexible practitioners resource to make you smile

We all love music! It gives us a feeling of connection and wellbeing like nothing else. Music engages all our senses, which is why it is such a great brain gym and mood booster for all of us. It also explains why music fires up early years brain development, helping to stimulate the development of those all-important physical, communication and social skills. So it’s great news that local music groups are beginning to open up again, offering early years children the opportunity to have fun and develop with music. But what if you can’t get to your local group, you have a local lockdown or would just prefer to enjoy the music activities in the comfort of your own home?

Move and groove…and socially distance!

During lockdown we all had to figure out new ways of doing things. Here at Boogie Mites we work with 1000’s of early years settings and families, supporting early years learning and development through creative music activities. Like many providers, we developed online activities for children, using FB Live and Zoom and so was born our Online Music Club for home use by parents, carers, childminders and home educators.

But does it work?

We all love our ‘real’, in-person music classes. Truth to tell we weren’t sure whether online music sessions would work….until we started to get feedback from parents. It turns out that children and their carers can get totally immersed in all the drumming, singing and dancing, even when they are engaging online from the comfort of their own homes! Achievement for All have recently completed an evaluation of some of our online music session with incredibly positive results.

Develop your skills as a music leader

One of the exciting findings from Achievement for All’s report, is that parents and carers reported how much they were learning about how to support key aspects of communication and literacy with simple music activities. And this gets to the heart of what Boogie Mites is about: empowering children’s teachers, parents and carers to develop the knowledge and skills to make active music making a part of everyday activities. So if you are looking for childminder resources that provide a creative context for early years learning AND develop your skills, then the Online Music Club is for you!

Tick your EYFS boxes while having fun!

The Boogie Mites Online Music Club offers classes for different age groups - including grown-ups - allowing you to tick all your EYFS Boxes including CPD, while having lots of fun!

Here’s the daily schedule available as live FB sessions or on replay to suit you:

Monday 10am: Baby Boogie (birth to crawling) Enjoy shared music making with baby and learn to support baby's development with music.

Tuesday 10am: Boogie Mities (3-5 years) Lots of movement and percussion play and a strong emphasis on developing school-ready literacy skills.

Wednesday 9pm Why Music Wednesday (Adults) Join Harriet to discuss an aspect of child development and how we can support it with music.

Thursday 10am Boogie Minis (crawling to 3 years) Music and movement to engage young children and support development across the 3 Prime Areas.

Friday 10am Feature Song Friday (all ages) A special zoom music session exploring the songs on your monthly club member digital music pack.

Saturday 10am Boogie Mites For All A fun packed music, movement and percussion session for all early years children.

Sunday 10am KidsChoir (2-6 years) A fun sing-a-long with physical and vocal warm ups and some arts and crafts activities to help us think about sounds and words.

Enjoy one month free trial

With daily sessions available live or on replay and a monthly digital music pack with original songs and videos for you to enjoy at home or on the move, the Online Music Club makes creative music making easy and flexible.

And with our free trial you can try out the club for a whole month at no cost!*
*Thereafter club fees are £10/month
*Unsubscribe at any time

Sign up for your free trial here.                                                        

What can you expect when you sign up?

 A warm welcome from Harriet. Everyone’s experience of the Online Music Club is different, depending on the age and stage of the children you look after. And like everything, the more you put in, the more you - and the children you look after – get out.

But here are some reflections from one of our club members, speech and language therapist Zoe Newsome, about what the Online Music Club has provided for her and her child.

Zoe’s story

“ I’m a parent but I’m also a speech and language therapist and so I know that one of the early key skills to develop is joint attention and I have found singing, signing, rhythm and instruments to be a unique and amazing way to initiate this skill. Developing this is so vital in supporting communication and I have found Boogie Mites sessions to be particularly brilliant at this. The use of props, animals, noises and repetition keeps my 11 month old completely engrossed and she loves using anything she can to shake, bang or clap. Repetition helps promote learning but also anticipation and it is so fun to see her learning the songs, getting excited as they come on and joining in with more of the actions. Boogie Mites classes have been priceless in providing ideas and music for us to use throughout our day.

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