BLOG: Five winter activities to try in your setting

If you're looking for some winter inspiration for activities to do in your setting why not explore your MyPACEY area for things to do in the colder weather!


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BLOG: PACEY's festive roundup 2021

It's been another busy year for PACEY and our members but as we wave goodbye to 2021 we have compiled a quick round-up of everything that has been achieved this year!


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BLOG: PACEY policy - 2021 year in review

Welcome to PACEY’s annual overview of the year in policy, where we look back at 2021 and all the challenges and progress we have made for early education and childcare in England and Wales. 


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BLOG: Ofsted on continuous professional development

Continuous professional development (CPD) is vital for most careers, and early years is no exception. We know that many early years providers take CPD very seriously. But why is it so important, and what are Ofsted inspectors looking at when they visit settings in England for inspection?


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BLOG: Expanding your business, get 20% off Childminding Assistant Contracts

Everything you need to know about PACEY's 'product of the month' for December - Childminding Assistant Contracts. Additional 20% off for PACEY members!


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BLOG: How do you talk to children about using and managing money?

Teaching children about the value of money can be tricky but there are always ways to simplify things for little minds and start a good relationship with finances at a young age. Sarah Camp from Kamelia Kids Day Nursery talks about how she approaches conversations about money to the children in her setting.


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BLOG: How to save money and streamline your processes

Staying on top of your admin is one area that can lead to stress, demotivation and less time for ourselves, our loved ones and the children we are caring for. But the good news is, Kinderly Together is here to help.


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BLOG: Using HyperJar as a childcare provider

"It saves so much awkwardness and hassle!", childminder Jilly talks to PACEY about how she uses the HyperJar app with the parents in her setting. Members can access an exclusive offer.


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BLOG: Environmental awareness in the age of COP26

As COP26 came to a close last week, we reflect on the role of early years practitioners in promoting conversation about climate awareness and teaching children about how they can protect the environment we live in. 


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BLOG: Support for grant applications in Wales / cefnogaeth ar gyfer ceisiadau grant

Helping childcare settings in Wales access Local Authority Childcare Grants 2021-22.  Er mwyn helpu lleoliadau gofal plant i gael mynediad at Grantiau Gofal Plant Awdurdodau Lleol 2021-22


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