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BLOG: Five winter activities to try in your setting

With just a few days to go until Christmas and winter very much here, there is still time to make the most of the colder season and take part in some fun activities in your setting.

We know that the children in your care are probably excited for the upcoming festivities, and it can be hard to constantly think of relevant ideas to keep them occupied. But never fear, PACEY’s here! We’ve compiled a short list of fun activities you can try in your setting to bring some festive cheer and even some you can take forward into the new year!

And remember, if you try any of these we would love to see, make sure to tag us on social media and we can repost on our channels,

Making cards 

It may be an obvious choice but making Christmas cards can be a fun way to get children to think about friends and family during the holidays or on any special occasion! You can ask who the children want to write a card to and what message they would like to include. A simple activity to support a child's reading and writing skills as well as getting them to think creatively. 

MyPACEY has some lovely design ideas that members can access, from reindeer fingerpainting to making handprints look like a snowman family, there will definitely be some festive cards on the way to children’s loved ones! 

MyPACEY Resources: Christmas Card Day 

Festive cooking 

If you have the room why not get the children in the kitchen helping to make some treats! There’s lots of festive food that can be made simply with little hands such as Christmas cookies and cupcakes or why not take a look at this ‘reindeer food’ recipe in MyPACEY to capture the children’s imagination and make sure Rudolph and friends have the energy to make their deliveries!  

MyPACEY Resources: Festive Cooking

Five Little Snowmen 

Not all activities need to be made or baked, why not enjoy teaching children a fun counting game with the ‘Five Little Snowmen’ festive rhyme?  

This is a great way to help the children in your setting with their numeracy skills in a wintery way, the rhyme helps children count to five and can also open up a conversation of what happens as the season change as we head into the new year. 

MyPACEY Resources: Five Little Snowmen

The Nativity 

The story of the Nativity is a festive tradition that many children take part in at an early age and there’s a lot of great activities you can do in your setting around this story as well.

Why not ask the children to make stars or building a stable and a manger? For children of different faiths this is also a great opportunity to hear some lovely traditions that they take part in at this time of year too!  

MyPacey Resources: Nativity Week 

Exploring Ice 

We know that most of the children in your setting may be wishing for a white Christmas so why not learn about ice and snow as a festive activity? You can even make your own ice shapes and use them as a learning tool, helping children to expand their vocabulary by asking questions such as ‘How does ice feel?’ and use words such as ‘cold’ and ‘slippery’! 

MyPACEY Resources: Exploring Ice  

There are lots of great ways you can get the children in your setting (even more) excited for Christmas and winter, all of these activities are available via your exclusive MyPACEY area on our website. You can also find more ideas on our Pinterest page and in the Ideas for Creative Childcare group on Facebook.

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