June 2021

BLOG: Using outdoor provision to support learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage

Learning outdoors is not only great fun for children and carers, it has also been proven to boost confidence and motivation and to help develop social skills, physical skills, knowledge and understanding. PACEY Advisor, Anne explores the importance of outdoor play and some simple ideas for you to try.


Posted by Anne Gallagher, PACEY Advisor | with 4 comments

BLOG: No one is alone: the importance of reaching out for early years practitioners

Working in early years can be exhilarating, rewarding, inspiring and can put a smile on your face every day. But working in childcare can also feel isolating and challenging, especially if you work on your own. PACEY Advisor, Lucy Lewin explains the importance of asking for help and the support available from PACEY.


Posted by Lucy Lewin, Nursery Owner and PACEY Advisor | with 2 comments