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BLOG: How to save money and streamline your processes

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Staying on top of your admin is one area that can lead to stress, demotivation and less time for ourselves, our loved ones and the children we are caring for.

But the good news is, a solution is at hand! Transitioning to an online childcare management system, has many features and benefits to help you streamline your setting, improve efficiency, save time and reduce your overall running costs. We’ve spoken to some early years practitioners who explain how moving to digital processes have helped them gain back their time and improved their practice whilst saving them money.

Having all your documents created, shared and stored online can really help you stay on top of things, as everything is in one place and at your fingertips. The Digital Documents section on Kinderly Together includes unlimited access to PACEY digital childminding contracts as well as accident and medication forms. These are created digitally on your device and directly emailed to parents for signing.

Childminder Karen McDermot explains how going digital has transformed her setting. “I have been using Kinderly Together for several years now and it continues to be such an amazing business tool. It makes so many aspects of my working day a delight and so easy. This includes sharing valuable information and wonderful achievements with parents, supporting each child's development, carrying out important admin, such as accounts, and creating development reports”

Evidencing a child’s learning and development can be very time-consuming, so having online reporting tools can save you so much time and make you so much more efficient. Outstanding-rated childminder, Vikkie Murray, says that the “templates for reports, such as the 2 year progress check, support you by auto-filling the age/phase brackets based on your tracking and giving you clear headings to structure your reports. On inspection day, my inspector felt that my 2 year checks were very clear and informative, with an excellent level of detail, which gave a very clear picture of the child and their development at the time of writing.”

Capturing a child’s learning journey and special moments and sharing with parents instantly, without huge stationery and printing costs as well as time spent pasting and sticking is a game-changer for many.  Lucy Allen, from Little Monkey’s, says it all: “We went live yesterday and had great feedback from all parents! We are over the moon at the time-saving involved and now I don't think I am one of Amazon's biggest customers! This will save me a fortune!!!”

Accounting and invoicing is something that many childminders find challenging, so having a system to keep you on top of this important task really helps. Childminder Trish Peacock says “I use the integrated accounts system every day. I add in any new income and any new expense every work day, that way it’s done. When I was paper-based, I used to procrastinate and put it off… and then I'd have months and months of accounts to do and I would feel depressed. I think the accounts section is a HUGE benefit for someone like me who hates accounts. It’s so easy to do on Kinderly!”

Now that you can have everything in one place and at your fingertips, who said early years admin is a chore?!

Streamline your setting with Kinderly Together and get 20% off from £10 a month (+VAT).

Kinderly Together is also now included for FREE as part of the PACEY Practitioner Plus membership! Find out more here.

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