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BLOG: Stay organised with PACEY's Accounts Book, 20% off throughout January

Running a business, especially a childcare setting, can be one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. Every day is different, and you are safe in the knowledge that you are providing early years education to the young children in your care.

PACEY also understands that there is a side to your business where you may need support. Admin is a job that we are all guilty of putting off but staying organised is a great way to make sure you can enjoy spending time with the children in your setting and having more fun!

Don’t worry, because PACEY is your one-stop shop for everything your setting may need, from tools for creative play to health and safety essentials. PACEY member’s can also enjoy access to exclusive member discounts meaning you can make your money go further as well as enjoying some member-only products to further your business.


PACEY is pleased to continue our ‘Product of the Month’ into 2022, where every month we will be offering an exclusive member discount on an item in the shop that we think is either essential for play and learning or for the business side of things that goes into the running of your setting.

This month’s offer is on the PACEY accounts book. PACEY members can enjoy a 20% discount on the accounts book during January. But be quick this is for a limited time only!

We know that staying organised with your money is the easiest way to make sure your finances are in the best shape they can be in, but we also recognise that sometimes that is easier said than done. You don’t always have time to write everything down, especially when your attention is focussed on the children in your care.

Melanie agrees, “I thoroughly recommend this accounts book to anyone who is childminding! It makes the money and tax return side of things straightforward and easy to keep on top of. You can then have a real grasp of your income and expenditure and feel confident on the financial side of your business.”

The PACEY accounts book makes it that little bit easier to keep everything money related on record, and with its simple layout it means you can be quick and to the point giving you more time to focus on the fun things!

The accounts book has been designed to allow you to keep accurate records of your income and expenditure and help with your submission to the HMRC. It is available for both English and Welsh compliance dependant on the National Framework your setting is working to. “I have been using PACEY account books for the last nine years I won`t use anything else” says Anne-Marie.

Find our accounts book here and explore our range of business products in the PACEY shop

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