BLOG: Getting ‘In-the-Picture'

In-the-Picture is a particular way of observing young children at play and engaging with their world which has been developed and used by researchers and practitioners in family homes as well as early years settings. 


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BLOG: The early years workforce in England is key to ensuring the success of the new entitlement

Investment in the early years workforce is an investment in our children and our economy; it is the most important building block of a well-functioning early years system. If this Government, or indeed any political party is to success in its aims of reforming childcare, it must start there.


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BLOG: Communication and language; unlocking skills for life

We know that communication and language and the development of children’s spoken language underpins all areas of children’s learning and development. Speech, language and communination is the key to unlocking the skills needed for lifelong learning and can often described as the central skill for life.  


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BLOG: NMS and childminder assistants in Wales / SGC a chynorthwywyr gwarchodwyr plant

In this blog we take a closer look at what the changes to the NMS mean for those working, or looking to work, with a childminder assistant in Wales. Yn y blog hwn rydym yn edrych yn agosach ar yr hyn y mae'r newidiadau i'r SGC yn ei olygu i'r rhai sy'n gweithio, neu'n edrych i weithio, gyda chynorthwyydd gwarchod plant yng Nghymru.


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BLOG: Let’s inspire young children to interact with numbers in a more fun and playful way!

Rishi Sunak has come out in favour of making children continue to study maths until they are 18. But he is focused on the wrong objective: helping children to grasp numbers from an early age is far more important. Mastering numbers from a young age will have a larger and more lasting impact than forcing adolescents to study the subject for two more years.


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BLOG: UK Party Conference Round Up

In this blog, PACEY Chief Exec, Helen Donohoe reviews where childcare and early years played a starring role in this year's manifestos.


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BLOG: The intrigue of individuality

The intrigue about what makes each of us an individual has been speculated upon for centuries. While nature and nurture remain at the core of this question, advances in a range of disciplines including neuroscience, genetics and psychology have shown us that there is a rich complexity to development. Development is constantly being shaped by the interactions between the biological and the environmental. There is no blueprint or template which means that a child is bound to develop in a certain way although there are many factors that may come together which may set a direction of travel. Here is my smorgasbord of elements that I find particularly interesting.


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BLOG: Managing Difficult and Challenging Conversations

Unfortunately, from time to time, all managers find themselves in a position where they must have a difficult conversation with a staff member, parent or even Ofsted/CIW.  They are not easy and can be very emotional for all those involved.  


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BLOG: Help! I’m thinking of registering as Childcare on Domestic Premises (England only)

In the last few months, the Practice Advice service has had an increase in the number of enquiries regarding registering as Childcare on Domestic premises.Some childminders have told me that they now have long waiting lists, and their local authority early years officer has suggested childcare on domestic premises could be a solution.



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BLOG: Following children’s interests and supporting their play

In England and Wales there is a clear focus on the importance of following children's interests through play.  So why is following children’s interests so important and what does this mean?


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