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One Third Stories: combining language, learning and reading

Babies and children have a remarkable ability to soak up enormous amounts of information and new experiences almost seamlessly.  We have a heightened ability to pick up the grammar and sounds of another language up until around age 10. Which is when One Third Stories was created.


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Get involved with the Giant Wiggle

Discover more about Action for Children's Giant Wiggle and help to support disadvantaged children across the UK.


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Places to Play from Herts for learning

Those of us who work with children are usually busy people who don’t have huge amounts of time to sit and read; so to have a book which gives us valuable information plus beautiful photo’s would just hit the spot. Herts for learning talk to PACEY about their latest publication. 


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NCDUK - A day that’s all about children

Now in its fifth year the day, National Children's Day has become a major platform, not only for celebrating childhood, but for also raising awareness about the issues that are affecting the lives of children and families in the modern world. People can run any event or activity that they want for the week up to and including the day.


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Thank you to my childminder

Emma was looking for a special way to thank her childminder for all the amazing work she does every day with the children. So she contacted PACEY to see what we could do. Read a bit more about childminder Simone and take a look at Emma's thank you to her childminder. 


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Easing your inspection worries

Taking steps to becoming a childminder can be overwhelming and after feedback from members, we have found that one of the most nerve wracking aspects of this is your pre-registration inspection. One member, commented on how positive her pre-registration inspection was and we thought this might help put your worries at ease. 


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Why live music is so beneficial to our children

I want to open your eyes to the benefits of quality live music for children, as professionals like myself believe in, and also let you in to why Jazz is such an appealing art form to indulge in from a very early age.  Emily Dankworth, Founder of Jingle Jam Music, talks to PACEY about the benefits of jazz music for the early years. 


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Special iApps to overcome learning obstacles

Every child won’t fit the same profile. Some children need extra support and scaffolding to over come obstacles, some take longer than others, some are gifted and talented and some have Special Educational Needs that may or may not have been diagnosed. Founder of Special iApps, Beverley Dean talks about iSpecial Apps and how they are influencing the early years. 


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PACEY Policy – February

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update, which provides a summary of the latest policy developments in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, and how we are representing your views to key decision makers.


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Verbs: what are they good for? How do children learn about them?

I’ve been reading a lot about the concerns over children’s health lifestyles and the long term impact of these. As a tangent this led me on to thinking about activity and movement, which led me on to verbs (naturally). So, this instalment is dedicated to the sometimes overlooked subject of verbs.


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