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BLOG: The return of benefit sanctions

As a PACEY Together for Twos Outreach Worker, one of Sally's roles is working with families, helping them to access affordable childcare and to support them in getting back to work. Sally highlights new information about benefit sanctions and how this may impact families across the UK. 


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BLOG: Registration visits: for now, a new normal

Early years and childcare have been in the spotlight during the COVID-19 crisis. More people have realised how vitally important the EY sector is to our country. Ofsted's Deputy Director of Schools and Early Education, Gill Jones, talks about getting back to normal, and the process of the 'new' on-site pre-registration visits.


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BLOG: Understanding the ongoing changes in England

On 4 July, new changes on lockdown measures came into place in England. Understandably, the changes have prompted a great deal of discussion amongst our members who want to understand the implications for their settings and the children that they care for. Questions such as can I take a group of children to the park? Can I pick up children from their school setting?


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BLOG: Working with Coronavirus - Lourdes' experience

As a registered childminder working with children for more than 25 years and owner of White Rose Childcare, Lourdes talks about how she got through the lockdown, worked with the parents and has now reopened while continuing to adhere to government guidance.


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BLOG: Making it through lockdown and beyond with Kinderly

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging and confusing time, particularly for early years providers, who have all been left wondering how we can best support families and continue to progress during lockdown. In this time of great uncertainty, Kinderly have been a guiding light for practitioners, supporting them at a most crucial time.


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BLOG: Working with Coronavirus - Amanda's experience

Amanda has been a childminder for 14 years in Flintshire in Wales. She talks about her approach to Coronavirus and her plans and preparations around reopening her childcare service. 


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BLOG: Working with Coronavirus - Vikki and Ashwyn's experience

Vikki has been a childminder for nearly 15 years in Swansea. She talks about her approach to Coronavirus and her plans and preparations around reopening her childcare service. 


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BLOG: Into the unknown - a parent's perspective

Like many families, we have spent the last few weeks trying to decide if it would be safe for our toddler to return to his childcare setting when Boris Johnson gave the green light for early years providers to re-open. Ultimately my husband and I agreed that what was right for some, would not necessarily be the best route for us and only we could decide if we were comfortable for our son to return to his childminder.


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BLOG: Urgent interventions are needed amid utter confusion

In England, from today childcare settings and schools can move to their next stage of opening. Outdoor markets and car showrooms will reopen, groups of six people can meet outdoors and some sports will resume behind closed doors. This is meant to be a moment of optimism, a green recovery, centred on the health of the population and backed by an efficient and effective system of testing and contact tracing.


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BLOG: Working with Coronavirus - Becca's experience

Becca runs York Rise Nursery in a hall and during the initial lock down, stayed open for families of critical workers. She talks about her experience and her advice to others re-opening.


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