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BLOG: Chickenpops - Spotting an opportunity

How many of us, I wonder, working within an early years setting, have experienced a child in our care becoming upset or even terrified when they have become unwell with a common childhood illness? 


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BLOG: How to support children and families experiencing poverty

Child poverty is on the rise with numerous studies showing that more and more children are living below the poverty line, this blog brings together a number of different professional opinions to better understand how to support those experiencing it.


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BLOG: Calendars - what do they mean for our day to day practice?

Happy New Year! It’s something we say once a year, just before we turn the page of our new calendar. Or is it? Let's take a look at some of these cultural calendars and think about why we may need to be aware of them.


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BLOG: What does the learning walk look like in a childminder’s home?

Ofsted talks about the learning walk and paperwork, and what these mean for childminders who work in their own homes.


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BLOG: The importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood

In just a few weeks’ time, 1000’s of Early Years educators around the world will be taking part in World Nursery Rhyme Week – a global initiative launched in 2013 which promotes the importance of nursery rhymes in early childhood development. Find out how you can get involved.


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BLOG: PACEY Policy – October 2019

Welcome to PACEY’s regular policy update, which provides a summary of the latest policy developments in England and Wales concerning childcare and early years, and how we are representing your views to key decision makers.


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BLOG: Chatting to Childminder of the Year 2019, Katherine Cooling-Smith

At the recent Nursery World Awards 2019 held in London, Katherine Cooling-Smith, owner of Kayte's House Childminding became Childminder of the Year 2019. We recently spoke to Kayte about her win and what her plans are for the future.


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BLOG: Safeguarding update and the EIF – England only

While the fundamentals of safeguarding have not changed; recognise, respond, refer, record; September brought us some updates and new resources in England that we need to be aware of. This blog talks about these key changes and documents that practitioners should have when it comes to safeguarding. 


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BLOG: Run a Beep Beep! Day with Timmy Time

This Road Safety Week (18-24 November) we’re asking everyone to Step up for Safe Streets in their community, so we can get around in a safe and healthy way every day. Early years educators can get involved by running a Beep Beep! Day with Timmy Time! Find out more from Brake.


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BLOG: Burns – updates and myth busting!

The subject of burns is riddled with myths which must be busted to avoid risk of worsening an injury. Tigerlily talks about the most common myths out there and gives you the correct information.


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