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The Magic of Music: using music for early years education

As a childminder, planning educational and fun activities to engage children throughout the day you have the ideal opportunity to include music and movement. By using music for early years education, you can ensure the children in your care gain the maximum brain boosting benefits!


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How are music and language linked?

Developments in neuroscience have enabled researchers to discover that we use the same regions of our brains to process aspects of music and language. This blog explores more about how music links with language development and how we as practitioners can support this.



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Seeking out sounds - helping children get school-ready

With summer here, many of us are focused on transition of preschoolers to "Big School". Pre-school children have widely differing levels of language, social and physical skills. So how do you meet each child's needs and make sure that they reach school with a solid foundation on which to build their ongoing education?



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How does active music making support emotional wellbeing?

Scientific research shows that active music making is fantastic for promoting wellbeing. Here, Harriet Thomas, author and Creative Director at Boogie Mites gives us a taster of what to expect at our upcoming conference and how music can benefit the children in your care. 


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