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BLOG: How do you talk to children about using and managing money?

Teaching children about the value of money can be tricky but there are always ways to simplify things for little minds and start a good relationship with finances at a young age. Sarah Camp from Kamelia Kids Day Nursery talks about how she approaches conversations about money to the children in her setting.


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BLOG: How to save money and streamline your processes

Staying on top of your admin is one area that can lead to stress, demotivation and less time for ourselves, our loved ones and the children we are caring for. But the good news is, Kinderly Together is here to help.


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BLOG: Making sense of the finances

Yesterday (26/3/2020) the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP, announced a range of measures to help support self-employed workers affected by the spread of COVID-19. While this is welcome news to many, some will find it a challenge to find the finances they need to keep afloat between now and the beginning of June when the first payment will be made.

PACEY's Director of Finance explains more.


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Ideas and activities to help children learn about money

Money Advice Service give their top tips for helping children to understand money from an early age. 


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