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How are music and language linked?

Developments in neuroscience have enabled researchers to discover that we use the same regions of our brains to process aspects of music and language. This blog explores more about how music links with language development and how we as practitioners can support this.



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Getting 2 year olds talking: how practitioners can use resources to support working with parents

A recent survey from Save the Children, as part of the Read On. Get On campaign found that:

  • Only 27% of parents accurately knew how many words their child should know at 2½ years.
  • A quarter of parents do not feel confident that they know what to expect from children’s language at 5 years.
  • Only a third (36%) of parents feel they have had all the support and advice they need to support their child’s early learning, including speech and language development.

This makes it clear - parents don’t have enough information, and they would like support and advice about children's speech, language and communication development and how they can help.


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