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BLOG: Save money and keep track of children's development with March's 'Product of the Month'

This month we are offering the 20% on the PACEY Journal to members!


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BLOG: Ofsted on continuous professional development

Continuous professional development (CPD) is vital for most careers, and early years is no exception. We know that many early years providers take CPD very seriously. But why is it so important, and what are Ofsted inspectors looking at when they visit settings in England for inspection?


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How are music and language linked?

Developments in neuroscience have enabled researchers to discover that we use the same regions of our brains to process aspects of music and language. This blog explores more about how music links with language development and how we as practitioners can support this.



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Easter is coming!

With Easter in our minds, Childminder and blog writer, Clare Maher shares 10 useful Easter themed activities she will be using in her setting, all in line with the EYFS.  


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Shape, Model and Mould - Melissa & Doug

How to use a simple shape, model and mould product and create activities relating to the EYFS and Foundation Phase. Grab yourself a code for 10% discount available until 31st March 2017.


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Simple and effective: wooden blocks

The first of a fortnightly post focusing on ideas for activities using a specific product. Grab yourself a unique code fo 10% discount and discover simple activity ideas in relation to the EYFS and Foundation Phase. 


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Nursery rhymes are amazing

There are lots of supportive child development practices that have been passed down from generation to generation. For example, we've been singing songs such as Round And Round The Garden with babies for years. I wonder, though, if everyone that has sung this song knew that the circle motions made on a baby’s hands helps them to map out their skin and therefore supports their brain development?


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Seeking out sounds - helping children get school-ready

With summer here, many of us are focused on transition of preschoolers to "Big School". Pre-school children have widely differing levels of language, social and physical skills. So how do you meet each child's needs and make sure that they reach school with a solid foundation on which to build their ongoing education?



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