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BLOG: The PACEY Legal Advice Line - supporting you to manage your employees

One of the many benefits of being a PACEY member is access to free, 24/7 legal advice through our helpline. Read more about how the helpline has supported other members through challenging circumstances.



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BLOG: Remember, remember, stay safe this November: Firework safety lessons for little ones.

With Diwali and Bonfire Night approaching, we spoke to the team at Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT) about some of the safety precautions you can take to keep the children in your setting safe from fireworks.


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BLOG: The summer may be over but the fun never stops!

As a new school year starts, that doesnt mean that the fun has to end! 


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BLOG: Having difficult conversations with parents

Now more than ever having a strong partnership with parents is vital. Knowing them well will allow you to have difficult conversations. 


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BLOG: Promoting happy & healthy relationships between children and animals

This week we were thrilled to partner with the RSPCA who chatted to us about the importance of introducing children to any animals in your setting safely, as well as discussing how they can help support childcare and early years practitioners through their Compassionate Family program.


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Childminders must be regulated to ensure children are safe in their homes

Last month, when we published the Ofsted Annual Report, we had good news to report about childminders. Ninety-four per cent of childminders were judged good or outstanding at their last inspection. And since 2012, the proportion of childminders judged to be at least good has improved at a faster rate than nurseries and pre-schools. That improvement is mainly down to the hard work and professionalism of childminders themselves. 


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The Magic of Music: using music for early years education

As a childminder, planning educational and fun activities to engage children throughout the day you have the ideal opportunity to include music and movement. By using music for early years education, you can ensure the children in your care gain the maximum brain boosting benefits!


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