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BLOG: An introduction to public liability insurance

With more than 40 years' supporting childcare and early years professionals, you can be sure that PACEY membership is by your side with everything you need to build your business, and feel protected and reassured. As a PACEY member we know how important the safety net of insurance is. In this blog we discuss the insurance included in membership and how it can help power your practice.


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BLOG: Observations and assessment

Observations and assessment can be a challenge in childcare settings, with many practitioners worried they are not doing enough and others worried about the amount of paperwork it takes. We spoke to PACEY President, Penny Tassoni, about these challenges and how to overcome them in your setting.


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BLOG: Strengthen children's maths skills with National Numeracy Day!

Today is National Numeracy Day, an annual event that aims to talk to children and adults alike about all things numbers and mathematics! Read on to find out all about how you can encourage numeracy skills in your setting and even become a National Numeracy Day Champion!


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BLOG: Promoting kindness in your setting for National Children's Day UK 2022

In light of National Childrens Day UK 2022 this Sunday and with a theme of 'Choose Kind', we spoke to soem of our PACEY Advisors about how they have promoted kindness in their settings and how you can too!


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BLOG: Pregnancy and Childminding series

As childcare practitioners you’re used to being around children every day but what happens when you find out that you’re expecting a baby of your own? In the first of a three part series, we spoke to Kimberley, a registered childminder, PACEY member, and soon to be mum of four!


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BLOG: Help! I need so much stuff to start my childminding business

It's more important than ever to teach children about the benefits of being eco-friendly and one of the best ways to do that is through play. We asked one of our fabulous PACEY Advisors, Pat, for some greener ideas that can be used in childcare settings during playtime!


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BLOG: Five winter activities to try in your setting

If you're looking for some winter inspiration for activities to do in your setting why not explore your MyPACEY area for things to do in the colder weather!


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BLOG: How do you talk to children about using and managing money?

Teaching children about the value of money can be tricky but there are always ways to simplify things for little minds and start a good relationship with finances at a young age. Sarah Camp from Kamelia Kids Day Nursery talks about how she approaches conversations about money to the children in her setting.


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BLOG: Promoting happy & healthy relationships between children and animals

This week we were thrilled to partner with the RSPCA who chatted to us about the importance of introducing children to any animals in your setting safely, as well as discussing how they can help support childcare and early years practitioners through their Compassionate Family program.


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What will the education inspection framework mean for the early years?

Find out more about the changes to the education inspection framework from Ofsted. 


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