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BLOG: Adapting play in a home-based setting

Under the current restrictions access to many toys and resources and activities, that are a usual source of support to childminders specifically, have stopped. Libraries (for both access to books and toys) are not available and toddler groups and local parks are closed so childminders are having to be more imaginative around how they support children’s learning and development in the setting itself. We thought that it may be helpful to draw together some ideas to support you.


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BLOG: The dangers of informal, unregulated childcare

In recent days, as many registered childcare providers continue to follow government guidance and remain closed to all but the children of critical workers and vulnerable children, we have seen a growing number of organisations and individuals promoting unregulated childcare services for these groups. It worries me and it is certainly worrying many of our PACEY members who are contacting us to raise their justifiable concerns.


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BLOG: Facing uncertain times together

I've certainly never known a situation as all-encompassing and fast moving as the one created by the current Coronavirus pandemic. The government enforced closure of schools and childcare settings, while completely and understandably necessary, has resulted in endless issues for childcare providers and parents alike.


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BLOG: Nurseries on the front line

Cheryl Hadland, Managing Director of Tops Day Nurseries shares a glimpse of dealing with COVID-19: Life on the front line for nurseries.


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BLOG: Making sense of the finances

Yesterday (26/3/2020) the Chancellor, Rishi Sunak MP, announced a range of measures to help support self-employed workers affected by the spread of COVID-19. While this is welcome news to many, some will find it a challenge to find the finances they need to keep afloat between now and the beginning of June when the first payment will be made.

PACEY's Director of Finance explains more.


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BLOG: Brave New World? Closure of schools and early years settings in England- what does it mean for me?

Our world has been turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. Now that a lockdown for three weeks has been announced across the country, with everyone being encouraged to stay at home unless absolute necessary, childcarers and families nationwide have an unsettling time ahead. Guidance and clarification is still coming in from Government about what the closure of schools and registered early years settings (except those caring for the children of key workers and vulnerable children) will mean in practice.


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BLOG: The Coronavirus Bill

In the unprecedented times in which we find ourselves the Government has speedily introduced new legislation that will help deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. PACEY's Policy Advisor, Helen, talks through what this means.


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