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BLOG: Spring activities for the May Bank Holiday

With the May Bank Holiday this weekend you're probably looking for some fun activities top do with the children in your setting. If you're stuck for ideas, we recently asked some of our members what they had been up to recently so why not take inspiration from them and see what you can get up to in the spring weather!


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BLOG: Supporting Outdoor Learning / Cefnogi Dysgu yn yr Awyr Agored

To take a look at the opportunities for learning and development that spending time outdoors with nature can offer we have teamed up with Natural Resources Wales / Er mwyn edrych ar y cyfleoedd ar gyfer dysgu a datblygu a ddaw yn sgil treulio amser yn yr awyr agored gyda natur, rydym wedi cyd-weithio â Chyfoeth Naturiol Cymru.


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BLOG: Embracing the outdoors with babies

Many practitioners are unsure how to entertain babies outside, but actually it is quite simple. Give them a chance to just be... allow them time to explore their surroundings, feel different textures and have the freedom of no walls.


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