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BLOG: So what is EY smart?

EY smart is a new and exciting FREE training package for all childcare practitioners, not just PACEY members, which was recently launched by PACEY.

It covers everything you need to know about the changes to regulation and curriculum in short ten minute courses which you can access from any device, at any time. Whether you are an experienced childcare practitioner or just starting out on your career, EY smart is for you.

What is EY smart?

PACEY have been working with the Open University to develop EY Smart and have had input from a wide range of experts, including Ofsted, Department for Education, Penny Tassoni (MBE – PACEY President and well-known education consultant, author and trainer who specialises in the whole spectrum of learning and play within early years) and lots of childcare practitioners from a variety of different types of settings. All this has been possible due to a grant from Ufi Trust’s VocTech Impact programme.

This programme focuses on larger scale piloting and the demonstrating of ideas that are proven to change the way adults access vocational skills through the use of technology. In other words, enabling adults/childcare practitioners to learn in different ways, using technology – our smartphones, tablets etc which are part of our everyday lives. It’s all about aiming to make training and CPD as easy and accessible as possible. If you would like to find out more about Ufi VocTech, have a look at their website.

Another benefit is that the EY smart programme is accredited by the CPD Certification Service, so you know you are undertaking quality, recognised training.

What’s in the EY smart package?

Phase one, which has been launched, contains course content around the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) for England only.

Phase two/full launch will happen in the summer and the course content will be around the revised EYFS (currently due to be implemented September 2021). This second phase will also see the introduction of the Wales content.

PACEY have ensured that the course content and structure of the training puts the child at the centre of the learning. To achieve this, they have visited and filmed in a variety of settings in different parts of England with children, practitioners and parents demonstrating examples from their practice. Each course links theory and practice together in an accessible and meaningful way. Having seen several clips and trialled a few courses, I really like how practical and “down to earth” the training is. It also easily enables you to reflect on your own setting, decide if anything you have learnt can be implemented into your practice and how you might do this. We all lead busy lives, whether as a lone worker or as part of a team and doing any CPD is often difficult to fit in or sometimes be motivated to do. However, the structure of EY smart means you can catch up on CPD at any time – you don’t have to do the course all at once. Maybe watch the video clip on the bus on your way to work, while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil (if you get chance to have a coffee break) or whenever you can find a few minutes.

I’ve mentioned previously that EY smart is for all childcare practitioners, whether you work on your own or as a team so there are tools in the EY smart package for everyone. There’s sections for lone workers and teams, with great ideas and suggestions on how you can use the EY smart to reflect, share, extend and record which will help your childcare business flourish and grow.

I’m thrilled about the phase one launch of EY smart and I hope this has excited you too. To find out more about EY smart and register for free here. 

About the author

I’ve worked in childcare for over thirty years in a variety of roles which include being involved in voluntary groups, Ofsted Outstanding Childminder, qualified trainer and assessor and I’ve been a PACEY Associate for the last twenty years. I have a husband, two daughters and two grandchildren (aged 17 and 2). It’s been a pleasure caring for my oldest grandson full time from a month old when I was a childminder and now love looking after my two year old granddaughter two days a week as a grandma or Gra as she calls me. This name is Gaelic for love so it’s perfect.

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