February 2019

Why Beep Beep! Days are a great tool for understanding road safety basics

On average six children are seriously injured or killed on our roads, in Great Britain, every day. Here at Brake, the road safety charity, we’re doing our bit to ensure that children understand road safety. Get involved with Beep Beep! Days.


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Reasons to be verbal: the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of learning verbs

Last week I overheard an early years professional talking to a colleague about ‘active thinking’. I wasn’t part of the conversation so didn’t ask for clarification but, as ever, my own brain got to thinking what active thinking might mean and what it might include. 


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Busting the paperwork myths in Wales

When speaking to childminders in Wales, particularly those who have been working in the sector for many years we have noticed a growing concern around the amount of paperwork needed when childminding. We decided to look at some of these myths and spread the truth!


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Discover new ways to get crafty at Childcare Expo London

Childcare Expo London returns on the 1st & 2nd March with a series of free interactive workshops throughout the two days to inspire early years and primary education professionals.


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Work with children who love going online? Get involved this Safer Internet Day!

Working with children, you will know how much the internet entertains and interests them. But how can we support children in using the internet safely and positively? Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally on 5th February 2019. The aim is to inspire a national conversation about using technology responsibly, respectfully, critically and creatively.


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