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BLOG: Using HyperJar as a childcare provider

PACEY has partnered with HyperJar, a money management app that uses digital ‘Jars’ to organise your spending, to give PACEY members an exclusive offer.

HyperJar makes saving up and spending with others simple. Manage your personal finances and savings goals or use the app to manage the money you spend on the children you look after. Create shared Jars with the parents of the children at your setting and start spending!

Childminder Jilly talks to PACEY about how she uses the app with the parents in her setting.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m Jilly, I live in Greenwich, south London and I’ve been a registered childminder since 2007. I currently look after four kids aged between 5 and 10.

How did you hear about HyperJar?

“About a year ago, one of the parents I work with mentioned it to me. She’d been using HyperJar for a while and suggested I download it so we could share a Jar for her daughter, who I look after. It’s like a digital kitty - she puts in money for things like lunches out, stay and play and trips to the cinema, we can both see what’s paid in where it’s been spent. I’ve now got shared Jars with the parents of the other kids I look after and honestly, they save so much awkwardness and hassle!”


Apart from sharing Jars with parents, how do you use HyperJar?

“I’ve got separate Jars for things like my tax and other work expenses. I share Jars with my grandchildren and I’m saving up for a trip to see my sister in Florida, so I have a Holiday Jar too. I find dividing my money like that – the things I need to plan for, the money I need to set aside and not touch – much easier to do with HyperJar than with my bank.”

Any tips for someone new to HyperJar?

“It took me a while to get used to organising my money like this but now I love it. It’s a great way to plan your money when you don’t have a fixed salary that’s the same every month, so I’d say use the Jars to budget for things like subscriptions, memberships, and other running costs. And, as I say, I find it’s a great way to manage spending money for the kids you look after. You can’t get money out at a cashpoint, but to be honest I use a card rather than cash to pay for almost everything now. The last thing I’d say is that HyperJar has a brilliant customer support team – any time I’ve had a question, they’ve been so helpful and so quick to respond.”


What’s the best thing about using HyperJar with parents?

“Honestly, it totally cuts out the awkward cash thing. Just having that conversation with a parent that’s like ‘I use this and it’s a great way to deal with expenses’ raises the subject that sometimes there are additional costs that crop up, and then it gives them an app to deal with them.

For me, it’s loads easier than dealing with different amounts of cash from different parents. In the app I can see exactly who’s paid me and when. Money transfers arrive instantly from the parents’ apps to mine. It’s brilliant.”

PACEY members can access their exclusive code at where you will also be able to find full instructions on how to sign up and access the offer. 

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