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BLOG: The PACEY Legal Advice Line - supporting you to manage your employees

Running a business, any business, can be stressful and there are a myriad of legal situations and problems that need to be considered. For a childcare setting this can range from having the right policies in place to ensuring that there are adequate safeguarding procedures in effect.

One challenging aspect for many childcare settings is being an employer and managing your employees. This comes with a range of responsibility and challenges and this is something that the helpline has been able to support.


Issue: Performance Management of an employee in their setting

A member contacted the legal helpline in relation to an employee who was under performing in her role and wanted to talk to the team about options in terms of disciplinary action and potential termination. The legal team were able to then provide advice in relation to the procedures that needed to be followed and the member was able to put in place a performance improvement plan for the employee.

Even after complications arose, the member continued contacting the helpline for support. They made use of template letters and the legal helpline helped the member manage that employee throughout.

Dealing with a large range of topics means the team have a wealth of experience the helpline can support you with. It doesn’t matter how big or small you think a problem might be, the helpline is there to enable you to either settle your disputes or point you in the right direction with how to take further action if required.   

Issue: Conduct of an employee in a childcare setting

A member called in relation to an employee who had committed a serious data protection breach. After detailed discussions with the legal advisor they were able to identify this as a potential gross misconduct matter and was able to refer to the client to our template letters for suspension and disciplinary action. The Legal Advisor explained the correct procedures to follow and was able guide the member along the way.

After following a thorough investigation and dealing with the employee with the advice from the helpline the member decided to give all employees further training in relation to confidentiality and the Data Protection Act.

At PACEY we are dedicated to making sure all our members have access to free, confidential advice on all legal matters. Naturally, we hope that you never need to use the service but having that safety net can really help you and your team gain peace of mind that should a difficult situation ever rise you have somebody on hand to help.

Issue: Excessive sickness and sickness policy in a setting

A member called in relation an employee who had been regularly taking days off sick on Fridays. The member was concerned about how the intermittent absence was causing a significant disruption to the business. After discussing this further with the Legal Advisor was able to explain how a simple sickness policy could be introduced. The member would then be able to discipline this employee in accordance with the policy if the excessive sickness continued.

The PACEY Legal Advice Line is a 24/7 legal advice line is run by qualified solicitors offering practical telephone-based legal advice. This includes, but is not limited to, contract disputes, unpaid debts, employment or HR queries and child protecion issues.


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