#notababysitter campaign

Thank you for wanting to take part in our #notababysitter campaign. This pack is to help support you to spread our message online.

On this page you can download all campaign materials:


Full media pack - Media-pack-notababysitter-(1).pdf

Facebook graphics - FACEBOOK-Not-a-babysitter-social.zip

Twitter graphics - TWITTER-Not-a-babysitter-social-final.zip

Instagram graphics - INSTAGRAM-Not-a-babysitter-social.zip

Double sided postcards - Postcard 1, Postcard 2, Postcard 3, Postcard 4, Postcard 5, Postcard 6, Postcard 7, Postcard 8

If you are a local authority, you can also download posters that can be printed and put up in your local areas. If you would like personalised copies of these posters with your logo and URL please email for more information.


Childminders are not babysitters

Nid yw gwarchodwyr plant yn gwarchodwyr babanod


Childminders are regulated by Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW)

Mae gwarchodwyr plant yn cael eu rheoleiddio gan Arolygiaeth Gofal Cymru (AGC)


Childminders are qualified professionals

Mae gwarchodwyr plant yn gweithwyr proffesiynol cymwys


Childminders can offer government funded places

Gall gwarchodwyr plant gynnig lleoedd a ariennir gan y llywodraeth


Childminders are experts in child development

Mae gwarchodwyr plant yn arbenigwyr mewn datblygiad plant


Childminders offer a unique learning space

Mae gwarchodwyr plant yn cynnig ardal dysgu unigryw