PACEY spokespeople

PACEY has a range of experts in childcare and childcare policy who are able to speak knowledgeably on a wide range of issues affecting the childcare sector. 

If you would like to request someone for an interview, soundbite, statement, or panel discussion, please contact the press office.

Our current spokespeople are:

Liz Bayram, Chief Executive

Chief Executive of PACEY since 2005, Liz is an expert in childcare policy. 

She is media-trained, and has a great deal of media experience, including national broadcast, appearing on Newsnight, and having taken part in numerous regional television and radio interviews. 

Liz also writes opinion pieces for print and online journals.

Penny Tassoni, President

As President of PACEY, Penny is a leading expert in childcare. She is widely published on childcare and child development, with books aimed at those working in or studying professional childcare, including Getting It Right for Two Year Olds, a Penny Tassoni Handbook. 

She is media-trained, and has appeared across a wide range of media channels, speaking on a lot of issues concerning how best to support the learning and emotional, physical and cognitive development or pre-school children. 

Theresa Johnson, Development Manager

As Development Manager for PACEY, Theresa is an expert on professional development and training for childcare professionals.

She leads on the planning and production of PACEY's many training guides and courses, and has provided advice and information to the media on the training and professional development of childcare professionals.