General Election 2024

The upcoming UK general election is a key opportunity for you to vote to choose your government leader to represent the public. As early years and childcare professionals you are likely to be interested in the plans from the next government to shape the early years and childcare sector and give children the best start in life.

Important dates

Make sure you are aware of the key dates and deadlines to ensure your vote is counted.

  • Voter Registration: You must register to vote by midnight, 18 June 2024
  • Postal Vote Application: Complete your application to vote by post, by 5pm, 19 June 2024
  • Proxy Vote Application: Apply for someone else to vote on your behalf by 5pm, 26 June 2024
  • General Election: Thursday 4 July 2024. Find details of your polling station

Find your local candidates

There’s still time to find out who your local parliamentary candidates are and ask them how they are going to support early years and childcare in your area.

Find my candidates

We want to ask you – if you had 5 minutes with the leadership candidates or your local parliamentary candidates, what would you say to them about early years and childcare? 

Political party manifestos

We have highlighted the key mentions of childcare and early years in their manifestos below.

Conservative Manifesto

  • Continue funded entitlement rollout with eligible parents of children aged nine months and over to get 15 hours of childcare from September 2024, increasing to 30 hours from September 2025
  • Increase the hourly funding rate over the next two years by £500 million “helping the sector, including childminders, to hire more staff, create more places and spend less time on paperwork"
  • Deliver a Family Hub to every local authority in England
  • Read full manifesto 

Labour Manifesto

  • 100,000 additional early years and childcare places for children nine months and over, through the creation of over 3,000 new nurseries within primary schools
  • Committed to the expansion of funded entitlements to help more parents get back to work
  • Free breakfast club in every primary school
  • Read full manifesto

Liberal Democrat Manifesto

  • “Restore childminding as a valued part of the early years system” with changes to regulations and implement a workforce strategy for nursery staff
  • Fund an additional 5 extra hours for disadvantaged 3- and 4-year-olds (extending to disadvantaged 2 year olds when public funds allow)
  • Reform Ofsted and remove single word judgements
  • Read full manifesto

There was no specific mention of childcare or early education in the Green Party manifesto or the Reform UK party manifesto.

PACEY’s Manifesto

PACEY’s Manifesto for Childminders calls on the next Government to take urgent action to address plummeting childminder numbers ensuring children have the very best start in life. It sets out 9 key policy areas to restore the childminding sector.

Over the coming weeks we will be sharing our key messages on our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Please ensure you are following us and please feel free to comment and share to help spread the word!

Read our Manifesto for Childminders

PACEY in Wales 

Wales has politicians in two parliaments –UK government in Westminster and the devolved Welsh Parliament at the Senedd.  Members of the Senedd (MS’s) are elected in Wales through Senedd elections, the next of which is not due to take place until May 2026. 

At this election voters will be deciding on Members of Parliament (MP’s) who will be going to the UK parliament in Westminster.  

While the Senedd and Welsh Government are in charge of devolved areas for example health, education, childcare and local authority work, your vote is important in the General Election as the UK government is in charge of include criminal justice and policing, benefits, most taxation, foreign affairs and the military. Importantly, it provides most of the funding for devolved public services too. 

More voices

PACEY is part of the Early Education and Childcare Coalition – a group of over 30 organisations working together to call for an early education and childcare sector in England that delivers for everybody. The coalition is co-chaired by PACEY’s Chief Executive, Helen Donohoe.

Read the Coalition’s Rescue and Reform manifesto