Understanding Autism

With Autism Awareness Week in mind, we wanted to highlight all the useful information, stories, resources and more that PACEY provides for supporting children on the Autistic spectrum. Although most children go through common stages of child development, each child that enters your setting will be unique. 

According to Richard Maguire "Autism is a way of being human, a way of living, fascinating and quite unlike the life of most people, we are focused passionate and often quite disorganised."

Developing awareness and understanding of children with autism spectrum disorder is paramount and exploring the potential impacts on the child means they can have development catered towards their needs and learning style. 

Real Stories

PACEY facilitator Annie Grady has two sons with Autism, both on different areas of the spectrum and needing different care. She tells her story.

Richard Maguire wrote a piece 'Not all black and white: an inspiring insight from author Richard Maguire on growing up with autism' in our Summer issue of Childcare Professional about living with Autism and support he needed. 

The lovely video below gives a great introduction to Autism, raising awareness among young non-autistic audiences, to stimulate understanding and tolerance in future generations.

Video by Amazing Autism Project

Additional resources

Do you have a story about Autism you wish to share? Let us know.