Crafty ideas to try at home

From improving children's fine motor skills when holding a pencil, using scissors, or peeling and placing stickers, to helping them develop their artistic flair, crafty activities provide a wide range of learning opportunities - and fun - for you and your child.

Each activity below has been tried and tested, and also shows how it links to the learning and development frameworks that your childcare professional is working within.

Remember to tell your childcare professional about the activities and games you're doing with your child at home. They can work with your child to extend their learning, and will also suggest complimentary activities that you can do together.

Re-use and recycle to create these sensory shakers

Create a jelly swamp!

Try a colourful and exciting alternative to playing with sand

Make a super-messy string basket.






Bake a yummy savoury swirl lolly!