PACEY Connect in England

PACEY Connect is a package of flexible services that can be tailored to help local authorities, boroughs and other partners support childcare and early years provision in their area.

PACEY Connect offers support that is;

  • Flexible 
  • Tailored to your local need
  • Excellent value for money 
  • Delivered by Early Years and Childcare experts
  • Available virtually 

What can PACEY Connect offer?

PACEY Connect focuses on four key areas:

Pre-registration support: Package of services to support those looking to become a childminder or work in the childcare and early years sector. Including information sessions, telephone and email support and advice surgeries for those registering a childcare service.

Professional development and training: Package of services on a variety of themes relevant to childcare and early years for existing childcare and early years provision. This will support quality improvement and continuous professional development (CPD) to promote professionalism.  Including training, telephone and email support and advice surgeries.

Consultancy support: Available for local authorities, boroughs, JCP and other partners tailored to your needs. Can support work on a wide range of issues at a strategic level.

Promotion of quality childcare: Package of services for educating and informing staff teams within a local authority, borough or JCP team on childcare options available to families alongside services for informing parents, carers, clients on childcare options available to them. 

How do I buy PACEY Connect services?

Staff working for local authorities, boroughs or statutory agencies in England can buy services on behalf of childcare and early years professionals in their area.

Our services are flexible, so authorities can choose to:

  • Buy a range of services as part of a contract with PACEY for a year or more
  • Purchase specific services at any time of the year based on immediate needs

How are services delivered?

The team from PACEY will deliver the training. PACEY staff and associates are experienced in early years and childcare and in supporting adult learners.  The services are all delivered virtually reducing the cost to yourselves and offering flexibility in approach.

How much do the packages cost?

Our packages of support are excellent value for money and are available on request.

For further information on costs and other queries in relation to PACEY Connect services in England email: Claire Protheroe, Head of Contracts and Projects