This toolkit is for parents, childcare professionals, and teachers to work together to help improve the transition process for children starting/returning to school. Our new section brings together a number of activities, resources and useful websites to support those who have been home-schooling during the pandemic.

This toolkit was developed by PACEY as part of a government-funded Starting School Together project. Part of the project was to create a range of activities for parents, childcare providers and teachers to do with children to help them prepare the skills they need to start school successfully. The activities have all been linked to the Early Years Foundation Stage outcomes in England.

There's regular debate about what "school ready" actually means. Research from PACEY has found that early years professionals, parents and teachers agreed that "school ready" should mean that children: 

  • have strong social skills
  • can cope emotionally with being separated from their parents
  • are relatively independent in their own personal care
  • have a curiosity about the world and a desire to learn.