Activities and ideas

Head to our Play to Learn group for fun and creative ideas that you can try at home or at school with a few simple supplies. 

All of our activities can be used to support some or all of the areas of child development covered by the frameworks in England and Wales: communication and language, literacy, mathematics, physical development, personal, social and emotional development, expressive art and design, and understanding the world.

We've split the activities into seasons, but there's nothing to say you can't do these all through the year!

Spring activities

Winter activities

Autumn tips and ideas

  • Firework prints - explore shape and colour with your own indoor display
  • Leaf hedgehog - use leaves found when out and about to create your own spiky hedgehog picture
  • Leaf printing - more Autumn fun with fallen leaves
  • Safety in the early years - helpful tips and information to help you keep children safe, particularly during bonfire night activities.