Return to school

A selection of activities, resources and websites to help support a smoother transition back to the classroom.

The pandemic, and national lockdown, has been challenging for everyone – not just us adults. Children have been affected in a number of ways too; missing out on interaction with their family and friends, having to adjust to parents becoming teachers, not enjoying the normal variety of clubs, visits, days out etc. And while the return to the classroom will be welcomed by most, it doesn’t mean there won’t be any anxieties about the changes this transition will bring.

As early years experts, the team at PACEY are no strangers to supporting transitions with young children, and our existing school ready toolkit provides a wealth of information for those starting school for the first time. This page gives access to our new back to school resources, as well as a selection of our most appropriate existing resources, to support children of all ages with their return to school.


Back to school countdown

Use this simple, colourful planner to countdown the return to school, with seven activities to support a smoother transition back to the classroom.

Activities in your newsfeed

Our Facebook group, Play to learn, aims to promote and share simple activities that can be created at home for little or no cost, whilst supporting children's learning and development. Join our group to get regular ideas added to your Facebook newsfeed.



We take it for granted that we’re communicating with our child every day, but there have been large periods of time where they’ve not had to focus on listening to a teacher providing guidance and instructions, or discuss their ideas in a group. The good news is that there is plenty of expert advice on hand to help you brush up your child’s communication skills at home simply by asking the right types of questions, and talking about things you know interest them. Here are a number of resources created by the communication experts at ICAN and The Communication Trust.



It’s easy for children to forget some of the practical steps they might need to take when they’re back in school, especially where lockdown has meant we’ve all been going out and doing less. This video from the NHS demonstrates the best way to wash your hands, and demonstrates how you can use the song “Happy Birthday” to make sure you’re washing for the full recommended 20 seconds.

Social distancing

Being back in the classroom and seeing their friends will no doubt be a welcome relief for many children, but sadly that doesn’t mean we’re able to forget social distancing just yet. 'While we can't hug' is a lovely animation about two friends who want to give each other a great big hug, but have to find other ways to show each other they’re friends.

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