Your first week checklist

  • Do you know exactly where you need to take your child, and at what time?
  • Do you know where to collect your child, and at what time?
  • Do you know what equipment they’ll need for the first few days? (PE kit, book bag, spare clothes and so on)
  • Do you and your child know where to hang coats and PE kits?
  • Does your child know who’ll be collecting them each day? If they are attending an after-school club, it could be a teacher, an assistant or a member of the after-school club. If it’s your regular childminder, have you reworked your contract to include the school run details?
  • Do you know if you take your child into the classroom and settle them, or are they expected to go in on their own?
  • Have you put name labels on absolutely everything?! Show your child where the labels are and make sure they are sewn or stuck somewhere that’s easy for them to find.