The first year

Once the excitement of the first few days are over and children begin to settle into routines and rhythms of school life, effective communication between school, home and other care settings remains vital.

Find out more about supporting children throughout their first year at school.

Resources for parents

  • Learning can be so much fun! Parents and families are the most important thing in the world to children. What you do with your children has the most impact on their life and learning. Try our tips.
  • Top tips for the first year - Keeping on top of homework and activities, dealing with illness, and communicating with the school
  • Outdoor play - This factsheet explores why outdoor play is important, explains the types of play children engage in and how you can support your child when playing outside.
  • Sharing books - This factsheet explores how you can make the most of sharing a wide range of books with your child.
  • Supporting children with SEND - We spoke to some childcare practitioners about their experience working and caring for children with SEND in their setting, including some ideas and advice for other childcare practitioners in providing the best support

Resources for childcare professionals and schools