Communication and language

Communication and Language is one of the prime areas of children’s learning and development. Children need to develop confidence with these skills before they can master the more specific areas, including literacy and mathematics. The prime areas support learning in all other areas. 

Communication and language is split up into three parts:

  • Listening and attention
  • Understanding
  • Speaking.

Listening skills are key to enable children to fully participate in activities and interact with their friends and adults. Being able to sit on the carpet attentively is a key skill, as is being able to follow instructions or listen whilst engaged in an activity. Playing games at home that involve instructions such as Simon Says are a great way to help your child learn. Take a look at the Listen & Learn factsheet for more top tips.

Being able to communicate their ideas and needs to other is vital for children coming into school, and this will help in developing relationships and smooth transition into the classroom environment. There are lots of great ideas in the starting school toolkit.

At school children will share stories both with the teachers and in groups. Children might begin to make up their own stories for others or in pretend play, and share their ideas to work as a team in a group task or project.