Become a PACEY corporate partner

Partnering with PACEY could help your company target the early years sector and secure better futures for children and families.

Do you want to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with a childcare charity? Then, welcome, we'd love to talk to you about how we might be able to work together.

Why partner with PACEY?


Research shows that most consumers are more likely to purchase a product or buy into a service associated with a cause they care about. Here at PACEY, we want to secure better futures for children and families through our members – and would like to work with companies which share similar values.

Working with PACEY will offer you the opportunity to:

  • Reach an early years audience consisting of our 30,000 members who are childminders, nursery workers, nannies and students across England and Wales, and potentially reaching families across the UK
  • Associate your company and brand with a professional association that promotes best practice and supports childcare professionals.
  • Market your services or products through PACEY communications, which includes everything from our enewsletters to local events. You could then integrate our marketing opportunities with your existing marketing strategies
  • Achieve your corporate and social responsibility objectives by enriching the lives of PACEY members, the children they care for and their parents. 

Who are PACEY members?

By working with PACEY, you can increase your brand visibility amongst a hard to reach early years audience. Our members are:

  • Highly engaged with PACEY, their professional body
  • Mostly female (96%)
  • Managing above-average household budgets
  • Employed or self-employed small business owners
  • Above average in terms of their education and qualifications.

How to start the conversation 

If you're interested in reaching our members contact us today to find out about our partnership, sponsorship and advertising opportunities*. Call 0300 003 0005 or email

* All advertising placed is subject to PACEY’s standard advertising terms and conditions.

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