PACEY leaflets

Choosing a career as a childminder

Ideal for those considering becoming a registered childminder, this leaflet has all the information they need when deciding if childminding is the right career choice for them.

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Training to become a home-based provider

This leaflet explores Preparing to work in home-based childcare (HBCA), our comprehensive Level award which prepares an individual for a role asregistered childminder or nanny.

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Why study with PACEY?

Studying with PACEY provides an array of benefits. In addition to our support, learners can expect a wealth of resources, benefits and offers. 

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Childcare: make the right choice

A guide for parents is a leaflet designed to give parents an overview of the options available to them, practical considerations; as well as the right questions to ask, so you can make an informed decision.

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Try PACEY for free

Whether a childcarer is new to the profession or has been caring for children for years, we're confident we can offer them all the support they need to build bright futures. Enable them to try a taste of PACEY membership with this leaflet.

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30hrs FAQs for childcare providers

This leaflet outlines 10 things that all early years childcarer providers need to know about the funded hours scheme.

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30hrs FAQs for parents

This leaflet outlines the information parents need to know about the funded hours scheme.

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Who is PACEY?

You can rely on our experience. PACEY supports childcarers across England and Wales. Find out more about the support we offer.

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Business Smart for childminders

Business Smart helps childminders gain the business skills, knowledge and confidence they need to build their childcare and early years business.

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Discover - a guide to your PACEY membership

Explore the benefits of PACEY membership (England)

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Childminding contracts - suitable for delivering 30 hours

Find out more about our childminding contracts that allow childminders to manage the 30 hours entitlement.

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