Local authorities in Wales

PACEY Cymru offers a range of services to help local authorities in Wales meet the needs of the early years and childcare sector.

Free strategic support for local authorities

PACEY Cymru receives funding from the Welsh Government to provide free strategic support to local authorities in Wales. Local authorities can use their free "Core Offer" of strategic support for help with:

  • Attendance at childcare partnership meetings or other strategic level meetings, including meetings relating to the Childcare Offer and the Capital Grants.
  • Support with reporting on Childcare Sufficiency Audits (CSAs).
  • Research for the local authority on a particular element of childcare.
  • Advice to the local authority on supporting the development of childminding.
  • Input into consultations within the local authority.
  • Promotion, advice and support sessions for strategic-level staff.
  • Consultancy support.

Please contact your local Regional Manager or PACEY Cymru for more information on the support we could deliver to your local authority.

PACEY Connect Cymru

PACEY Connect offers flexible services and packages which can help local authorities to support childcare and early years practitioners to raise their professionalism and provide high quality childcare.

Local authorities can purchase PACEY Connect services on behalf of childcare and early years professionals in their area, or nationally across Wales. Discover more about PACEY Connect Cymru.

Training with PACEY Cymru

PACEY is an accredited study centre for CACHE and we also provide a wide range of continuous professional development workshops and webinars. These are ideal for local authorities to buy to meet the training needs of childcare and early years professionals. Read more about our workshops and webinars for Wales.

We can also work with local authorities to create bespoke training courses and workshops to meet specific local training and support needs. Contact PACEY Cymru today to find out more about how we can support your training delivery commitments.

Our work with local authorities in Wales

Example 1 - Caerphilly

Using Core Offer support, PACEY Cymru worked with Caerphilly’s childcare and early years team to produce a questionnaire and deliver a focus group on the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment (CSA). We compiled a report summarising the research findings and our recommendations, which the local authority used to review their current practice and make plans for the future.

The research exercise gave registered childminders a chance to have their voices heard and feedback showed that they appreciated the opportunity to express their views and concerns about the changing childcare landscape. 

Fiona Santos, Early Years and Childcare Coordinator at Caerphilly County Borough Council, said: "We were very happy to take advantage of the PACEY Core Offer as it gave us an opportunity to explore specific areas around quality and sufficiency with childminders in a way we would maybe not have had the chance to ourselves. PACEY worked with us to decide topics for discussion and to engage with and recruit childminders to the focus group. A timeline was created which gave us increased confidence that the report would be available when it was required for the final CSA report.

"PACEY acted professionally and a full report was forthcoming, a transcript of which is included in the final CSA report. The information also helped inform where the potential gaps might be for childminders."

Example 2 - North East Wales

Using a combination of PACEY Cymru Core Offer hours and local authority funding, PACEY Cymru conducted research with prospective childminders in Flintshire and Wrexham.  We received 60 responses to the survey, which focused on the timescales for registration, candidates' experiences along the process, and barriers and delays to registration. 

The research showed clear benefits to providing additional support during the registration process, with candidates valuing training, individual attention and guidance, and opportunities to meet with registered childminders. One candidate who had accessed all of the support available commented: "[I found the] pre-registration support workshops, advice surgery appointment and telephone/email support all useful, especially telephone support". The study also highlighted the importance of accessible paediatric first aid training in order to meet registration requirements.

Feedback from those who withdrew from applying to become a registered childminder was used to inform PACEY Cymru pre-registration briefing sessions, which are designed to help candidates consider whether childminding is right for them. The research also helped us to develop other support services for prospective childminders, including:

  • Pre-registration workshops
  • Advice surgeries
  • Email and telephone support
  • Webinars
  • A learner membership package.