PACEY Connect (Cymru)

We provide flexible, tailored support for local authorities and childcare professionals in Wales so children benefit from quality childcare.

PACEY Connect (Cymru) is a package of services designed to help Welsh local authorities support childminders in their area, as well as those working in childcare across Wales.

The packages focus on three areas:

  • New childminding, childcare and early years provision: for applicant and newly registered childminders, and those looking to work or who are newly employed in the childcare and early years sector.
  • Support for improving quality: for childminders and those working in childcare and early years around quality improvement and continuous professional development (CPD) to promote professionalism
  • Sustainable childminding and childcare and early years provision: to support business development and sustainability.

How do I buy PACEY Connect (Cymru) services?

1. Local authorities or other statutory agencies

Local authorities have a duty to ensure that the children in their local areas have the best possible standards of care. People working for local authorities in Wales or statutory agencies can buy services on behalf of childcare and early years professionals in their area.

Our services are flexible, so authorities can choose to:

  • Buy a range of services as part of a contract with PACEY Cymru for a year or more
  • Purchase specific services at any time of the year based on immediate needs

2. Childcare and early years professionals

Childcare and early years professionals can choose to directly purchase our services. They can do this as individuals or as a group, for example a local peer support group.

How are services delivered?

A team of PACEY trainers will deliver the training. PACEY trainers and Associates are experienced in home-based childcare and in supporting adult learners.

How much do the packages cost?

Our packages of support are excellent value for money for both local authority commissioners and childcare and early years professionals.

Fees vary and include training development time, management fees and travel costs.

Venue costs are extra as many local authorities can provide their own at a reduced rate or for free. If this is not possible, we can arrange venues and these costs will be added to the fees.

Find out more

For further information on PACEY Connect services in Wales call 02920 351407 or email

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