Starting - the first few days at school

The big day is finally here! It can sometimes be very exciting for your child to visit a new place and see new friends, wear brand new clothes and shiny new shoes and carry a brand new bag; but when they are then asked to repeat this the next day, and the one after that, it can become a challenge for them to understand why, particularly after having six weeks of summer holidays and the freedom this brings!

Find out more about what to expect in the first days and weeks of their Reception year, and how to support children as they find their feet in a new environment.

Resources for parents

Find out more about what you can expect to see in a typical Reception classroom, with this video walkthrough.

  • Dear Teacher... Starting school can be an emotional time for parents and carers as well as children. This touching poem by Emma Robinson expresses some of the common worries.
  • Your first week checklist - Things to think about for a smooth start
  • Top tips for the first weeks - Dealing with settling in, tiredness and talking about their day
  • Self-care tips - Ideas for supporting children as they develop their self-care skills and become more independent
  • Bedtime clock - Help establish good sleep routines with this clock activity sheet
  • Mark-making clock - Activity sheet with ideas to help support children with writing numbers, remembering routines and talking about their day

Resources for childcare professionals and schools

The following video from PACEY talks about supporting young children with transitions from a childcare practitioner's perspective.