Patterns of play - discover schemas

What is a schema?

You know when a child repeatedly drops their toys, lines up cars in order, scribbles over their artwork or spins round and round and round? While it can sometimes be frustrating for adults, even early years professionals, it's actually an essential part of brain development. They're displaying different schemas - patterns of activity that help young children make sense of the world around them.


Why do I need to know about schemas?

It's essential that you understand how to recognise and support schemas that children are displaying - your role as a childcare professional is to support their learning and provide the extensions to learning that will encourage their healthy development. 

Our training course is free to members of PACEY, and just £14.99 for non-members.

In it, you'll discover what schemas are, and learn to identify them in children's play. You'll explore how to involve parents in their children's learning, supporting the home learning environment - a key feature of what both Ofsted and CIW inspect against.

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