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PACEY Cymru identified a need to support those looking to form childminding groups in their local area and has produced guidance for anyone who is thinking of setting up a group.

The guidance that has been produced is available to download for free in both English and Welsh. PACEY Cymru is able to provide support and guidance through the pack on how to set up the group but this has to be led and managed by the childminders involved and is unaffiliated to PACEY. 

Childminding groups can vary in many different ways, and come in lots of shapes and sizes. Some groups are very relaxed and only meet up occasionally in their spare evenings, some meet up during the day to have a catch-up and allow their minded children to socialise, and some groups are more formal.  Formal groups may agree a group constitution and this may allow them to apply for more funding options. Having a regular funding stream will benefit your group in various ways, from securing and paying venue costs, to buying new equipment and toys, refreshments and arranging outings for the group. Find out more in the attached guide.


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