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Pack of six A4, self-duplicating contracts setting out the professional relationship between the registered childminder and parent - covering hours, fees, holidays and retainers. 

Before purchase, please choose the correct version (England or Wales) to comply with your National Framework. Wales products are bilingual English/Welsh.

The England and Wales contracts have been updated and now cover enforced closures and pandemics. 

The contracts, with additional guidance notes, are designed to better protect you and reduce common areas of dispute, such as deposits, enforced closures, holidays and payments. PACEY's contracts are tried and tested, meaning you get exactly the same level of legal protection you have come to expect from PACEY.

You can now buy digital versions of both the England childminding contracts and the Wales childminding contracts. These contracts are available to buy individually and can be completed online.

Please note any retainer charged during an enforced closure must be deemed to be fair and reasonable, and can only be used to cover unavoidable business costs

PACEY members also have access to legal support for contracts.


CC1 / WCC1


By Thea Powell-Jones on 05/02/2019 19:35:33

Hi these are good but bigger packs please!!! Also could these be made available to download? Thanks

By Jane on 22/03/2018 08:08:57

Boxes for filling in hours are very small.
Can you consider a school aged child contract please which won't need the EY information on. For children just coming before and after school term time only there is a lot of unused information.

By Katie Riley on 15/10/2018 16:15:07

Bigger Packs Please!!!

By Angela Warriner on 21/07/2018 11:01:55

It would be good if you could purchase individual sheets of the contract, many parents change their hours during the year and with limited space for the hours end up completing a new page from a new set of contract, but as all other information has stayed the same its a waste of a contract in paper and cost.

By Nicola on 13/09/2018 17:46:24

Please sell packs of self duplicating pages for 'page 2, Contracted hours' of the long term contracts . I have wasted a whole pack of contracts solely because my families have changed their contracted hours. Even though I think they are a bit pricey I still order from you because I REALLY like your contracts, they are professional and cover everything. However, I will seriously consider making my own up if there are no Page 2 inserts. I know a handful of childminders that have already taken this action. Many thanks


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