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Pack of six A4, self-duplicating contracts setting out the professional relationship between the registered childminder and parent - covering hours, fees, holidays and retainers. 

Before purchase, please choose the correct version (England or Wales) to comply with your National Framework.  Wales products are bilingual English/Welsh.

Using the PACEY contracts gives members access to dedicated professional help with contract disputes.

The contracts, with additional guidance notes, are designed to better protect you and reduce common areas of dispute, such as deposits, holidays and payments.

CC1 / WCC1





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By Lisa Plumstead on 14/08/2016 10:48:04

in the age of electronic communication it would be really great to have electronic contracts, it would save so much time, would allow parents to refer back to it easier and understand it much better. Thanks

By Gillian Cockrell on 26/07/2016 12:41:02

I, too, would like a siblings page/grid/section, other than that I like that all the info you need is in one place.

By Kristina Young on 05/07/2016 18:38:56

Another vote for a sibling section to streamline contract processes. This would be so helpful.

By Fia on 02/06/2016 05:06:14

Still getting use to this format from previous childcare insurance company's paperwork. So far not many things that I dislike.
Although it would be nice to have a sibling's page for family multiples, and with all the many policies we now have to have to write a bit more space to write them in would be great too.

By Katrina Woodward on 10/04/2016 20:14:05

I love the forms but;
I care for 5 children from one family.
Really would be better use of resources to have one contract but with additional sibling section where adjustments can be made. five separate contracts for one family is too much.


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