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Pack of six A4, self-duplicating contracts setting out the professional relationship between the registered childminder and parent - covering hours, fees, holidays and retainers. 

Before purchase, please choose the correct version (England or Wales) to comply with your National Framework.  Wales products are bilingual English/Welsh.

Using the PACEY contracts gives members access to dedicated professional help with contract disputes.

The contracts, with additional guidance notes, are designed to better protect you and reduce common areas of dispute, such as deposits, holidays and payments.

CC1 / WCC1





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By Katrina Woodward on 10/04/2016 20:14:05

I love the forms but;
I care for 5 children from one family.
Really would be better use of resources to have one contract but with additional sibling section where adjustments can be made. five separate contracts for one family is too much.

By Claire on 08/02/2016 01:29:26

I have used these contacts for 9 yrs I would really like to see a sibling page as there a pain to fill out , if you have more then one child from the same family

By Donna Hill on 27/01/2016 11:46:37

I have used these contracts for 3 years and they are fantastic! I would like to see more in a pack though, and after an incident very recently, adding a question regarding medical history would be great.

By Alison Lewis-Cobb on 11/11/2015 10:57:19

I always use Pacey contracts, but do wish there could be a term time only contract, or at least a section where you could outline payment terms, such as the retainer for holidays, and calculating over 12 months shown clearly. I have asked for this many times at each conferene!

By Jane Thwaites on 04/09/2015 16:58:58

I think these are great for 0-5 year olds but I think they are too much for children who come either before or after school on a regular basis. Would you consider formulating a simpler version that could be used for school age children, which does not need all the info on the main contract? Thanks.


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