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*ENGLAND ONLY* To reflect the areas of learning in the EYFS, we've developed this colourful range of stickers.  And with 128 stickers of each design, that's a whopping 896 in total!

The stickers feature symbols to identify activities that support key areas of learning in England such as mathematics or expressive arts and design.

These are suitable for all childcare professionals to demonstrate the types of learning undertaken to parents and are ideal to use in conjunction with the PACEY Journal.

Members can download a free key to the sticker symbols here.

Sticker Size 7.5mm x 16mm

PACEY members can save money on a bundle product of three journals plus stickers. Journal and sticker bundle




By tracy on 17/02/2017 14:10:20

i love these stickers, but find i always use more PSED and PD stickers so end up with a load of others that dont get used so much. its a shame i cannot buy the individual ones

By Severine on 12/07/2016 11:04:45

I place one of each sticker in the front of their profile books and label them so parents know which each one means, hope that helps Jasmine 😊

By Christine Lawley on 31/03/2017 09:20:28

I agree, it would so much easier if we could buy individual packs as there are some that get used more than others. The three Prime areas being the main ones.

By Jasmine Cassidy on 31/05/2016 19:22:34

i use them in my profile books but would be good if there was a printerble key chart for the parents to understand as they dont understand them

By Vikki Stephens on 22/02/2021 14:43:42

I agree with many others that it would be good to buy the individual areas/colours as I get through a lot more PSED and as a result I wont be buying another set until I run lower on the others.


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