PACEY Local is our peer support network that allows childcare and early years professionals like you to develop professionally and network, both online and at face-to-face meetings. 

Why join the PACEY Local community?

  • Network with other professionals both nationally and in your local area
  • Get support as a childminder, nanny or nursery worker
  • Share ideas, learning and development as your career progresses
  • Connect and learn from each other 

​How PACEY Local can benefit you...

  • Access a support network of hundreds of childcare professionals who meet up with others in friendly, informal and social gathering
  • Gain opportunities to help each other with planning
  • Arrange drop-in sessions and local trips with the children you care for.
  • Connect with our online community
  • Keep up to date with the latest news from PACEY and the childcare sector
  • Share ideas, questions and experiences with other childcare professionals
  • Find out about what's going on in your local area
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PACEY Local is great for support, networking and meeting new people

Jackie Noakes

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