Training from Tavistock and Portman

The Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust is the UK’s leading mental health and social care training provider offering students the opportunity to learn from clinician tutors in an NHS clinical setting. 

The Tavistock offers dedicated courses for people who work with children, young people and their families and courses range from a one day CPD session, to a five year doctorate. All of the tutors that teach are also clinicians in one of the clinical and outreach services that the Tavistock provides, so students can be assured of a real time and relevant education.

Developed with working students in mind, all courses are part time and some are delivered online. The Tavistock welcomes many early years and childcare practitioners to their courses – whether because they want to upskill or focus on a particular area of child development and mental health, or because they want to change career and move into the counselling sector. 

All relevant courses are accredited and recognised by the main professional bodies in the mental health sector. These include:

  • Association of Child Psychotherapists (ACP)
  • Association of Family Therapists (AFT)
  • The British Psychanalytic Council (BPC)
  • British Psychological Society (BPS)

Courses for PACEY members

The Tavistock offers around 40 longer, Postgraduate level courses and 80 CPD courses per year. Read details of funding options for students. Those that are especially popular with early years and childcare practitioners include the following longer courses:

  • The emotional care of babies, children, young people and families (EC1)
    This introductory course is for you if you want to develop skills, knowledge and understanding in working with babies, children, young people, and families. It is particularly suitable for those at the early stages of developing a professional career in the children's and young people's sector.
  • Working with infants and the early years: a psychoanalytic observational approach (M9)
    This course offers a practice-based and theoretical approach to understanding infant and young children’s emotional, social, and cognitive development within a psychodynamic framework.  Your studies are rooted in learning from detailed observation within a psychoanalytic framework.
  • Working with children, young people & families: a psychoanalytic observational approach (M7)
    This established course, taught by experienced clinicians, is a prerequisite for clinical training as a child and adolescent psychotherapist.  It will enhance your professional work with children, young people and their carers.
  • Child, adolescent and family mental well-being: multidisciplinary practice (D24)
    This award winning course will introduce you to the fundamental aspects of child, adolescent and family mental healthcare and practice, informed by psychodynamic, systemic and child development theories. 
  • Introduction to counselling and psychotherapy (D12)
    This course provides a concise and accessible introduction to a psychoanalytic understanding of the human mind and to specific principles of psychodynamic psychotherapy at an elementary level.

And shorter CPD courses:

  • Child development research for professionals working with children, young people and families
    Many experienced professionals working in health, education and social services settings can feel perplexed when faced with emotional, behavioural and developmental difficulties in young children.
  • Families and beyond: an introduction to systemic thinking
    In this short course you will learn new ways of thinking about and negotiating personal and work relationships as well as many other applications of systemic ideas.
  • Working with families with physical illness: a systemic approach
    The care and support of children and adults affected by serious physical illness, disability and treatment regimes falls largely to their families.
  • Workshops for named child protection professionals
    These workshops are intended to develop the skills and understanding of the named professionals working in the complex and demanding field of child protection.