The future is EY smart

We know that training and CPD is an important part of your career. We also know that sometimes it can be time consuming and take away from your day-to-day responsibilities – not to mention the cost! But we've got a new solution.

EY smart is free, online training offering short, 10-15 minute courses that can be done on any device, at any time.

The content and structure of the training puts the child at the centre of the learning - so everything can be directly applied to your setting and the children in your care.

We've filmed with practitioners, children and parents at a variety of real settings, to demonstrate examples from actual practice. Each course links theory and practice together in an accessible and meaningful way.

The courses include content to support all practitioners through the challenging time as a direct response to the pandemic, the introduction of the Education Inspection Framework (EIF) in England and courses specific to providers in Wales.

We have been working with a wide range of experts including PACEY President Penny Tassoni; The Open University and childcare practitioners from across England and Wales.

EY smart has been made possible thanks to a grant from Ufi Trust’s VocTech Impact programme.

Hear more about EY smart on the latest episode of The Voctech Podcast: learning continued series, supported by the Ufi Voctech Trust and Ufi Ventures.



EY smart was selected as a finalist for the NMT Nursery Awards in the Nursery Training and Development Awards 2020 category.