Expectations of behaviour

You probably already have your own expectations of children’s behaviour. These expectations are often formed and influenced by the way you were bought up and your own values and beliefs.

What's the aim of the course?

As a childcare professional, it's important to understand that children’s behaviour is often linked to a particular stage of their development. This course will help you to understand what to expect during different phases of children's development, and can help you support children and parents through what can often feel like challenging times.

Who's the course for?

All childcare professionals in England and Wales.

Why should I do this course?

This course begins with examining what the term "challenging" behaviour means. You will have the opportunity to work through some scenarios showing children behaving in different ways and identify the ones that you consider to be challenging and explore why.

In your professional role, you have an important part to play in encouraging positive behaviour, ensuring you are consistent and fair. Setting and maintaining boundaries helps children feel safe and know what to expect when in your setting. The next part of the course looks at setting boundaries, as well as the need to have realistic expectations based on a good understanding of child development. This will specifically help you to adapt your approach to meet the needs of each child in your care. You'll also explore reasons why children may behave inappropriately, looking at various causes and triggers, and then provides some examples of strategies to use.

As with many aspects of your childcare service, partnership with parents is key to ensuring a consistent approach, sharing information and working together helps children feel safe and secure.

Lastly the course explores the importance of recording children’s behaviour and where and how you might to this.

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"Very useful, it was easily accessible and the reflective areas made me look at the way I respond to certain events."

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