Schemas - patterns of children's play

Have you ever wondered about children’s repeated patterns of behaviour in their play? Would you like to find out more?

What's the aim of the course?

This course has been designed to cover the foundations of schemas and then extend your learning further providing more depth and knowledge on the topic.  

Who's the course for?

All childcare and early years professionals in England and Wales and free to PACEY members. 

Our Schemas course has been reviewed by Cache and the content fully endorsed. Cache is nationally recognised as the leader in developing Early Years qualifications. Cache become part of NCFE Awarding Organisation in 2015.

Why should I do this course?

If you are fascinated by children’s repeated patterns of behaviour then this course will explain what a schema is and provide detail on the theories behind them. The value of schemas in supporting children's learning and development is explored.

You may have noticed a range of different behaviours, from transporting objects from one place to another to children covering things or wrapping them up. The different types of schema are explained

Observations inform your planning and so next you will explore the value of schemas to help plan activities and provide opportunities for next steps in each child's development.

An enabling environment plays a key part in supporting children to experience a range of opportunities and to be active in their learning, in this section you will explore ideas and reflect on your current practice.

Parents have a key role to play in supporting schemas at home, in the final part you can reflect on how you can ensure you raise parents' awareness and provide ideas that can be shared.   

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