Supporting children with speech, language and communication

Children flourish in an environment that is rich with language giving them the opportunity to develop their confidence and skills, express themselves and be able to speak and listen.

What's the aim of this course?

This course supports you to examine how children acquire language and explore why some children have speech, language and communication needs (SLCN).

Who's this course for?

All childcare and early years professionals in England and Wales.

Why should I do this course?

Have you ever thought about the difference between, speech, language and communication? This course begins by explaining these terms and helps you to understand the importance of each one.

Children develop speech, language and communication at various rates, this course will help you to identify the sequence in which they acquire language skills. Typically babies and young children will understand four times as many words as they use. This is known as receptive and expressive language and is explored in this section.

You will have the opportunity to work through some scenarios and think about what you might do if you had concerns about a child's development. The causes of speech, language and communication needs vary and you will explore some of these.

The next section explores what it means to be a skilful communicator and encourages you to reflect on your own skills.

The course ends by examining English as an additional language and how to support multi-lingual children.

How to access your training

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Here's what our members thought   

"I found lots of information about repeating and expressing in a way that children will understand and speak clearly. Also it helped me understand appropriate reading and help them to listen, but also give them an opportunity to talk."

"I thought the topic was great and I feel confident in offering a place to a child with SLCN as I feel I could support their development well."

"I found the course reassuring, as it confirmed that the strategies that I use are the correct ones. Also the downloads and information given are very useful reference material. Thank you."