Training for group settings in England

PACEY training is tailored to meet the needs of nurseries, preschools and other group settings. All our courses have been developed by childcare experts and are regularly updated. See courses specific to settings in Wales here. 

Paediatric first aid training

Essential paediatric first aid training will help ensure all early years staff have the lifesaving skills they need. 

You can book a blended 12 hour Paediatric First Aid Training (six hours online, six hours face-to-face) delivered by Tigerlily Training. PACEY members get an exclusive discount of 10% off. Group prices are also available. 

Online training and CPD

CEY smart - CEY smart is PACEY's online training platform, offering short, 10-20 minute courses, that can be done on any device, at any time. It also provides practical help and expert advice to practitioners working throughout England and Wales.

Safeguarding training - Would you know what to do if you suspected a child in your care might be at risk of harm? Our course will help you understand your responsibilities.

Food safety and hygiene training - If you provide food in your childcare setting it's important that you have a food safety and hygiene qualification. Our Level 2 course will give you the guidance you need.

PACEY's Manager membership is especially for managers of nurseries, preschools, and other group childcare settings. Manager membership includes safeguarding training for you and the employees you share your membership with. 

With our Manager Plus membership safeguarding is included for you and your employees, and you can access our food hygiene course too free, with the option of discounted courses for your team. 

Please note that this page covers nursery training in England. Find information on nursery training in Wales here.